A Daily Dose

So, I have been thinking about this for awhile and have finally decided to go for it, though I am not exactly sure what to call it (forgive me if the name changes a few times). I am thinking about calling it "A Daily Dose".

Basically, I want to share with you the many talents of different people that I know. Photographers, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Chefs, Fashion Designers, all professionals and working in the field! I thought this blog could be a good opportunity to shine a little light on real people, doing what they love, and how they are doing it. Each month I plan on interviewing a talented professional, and sharing it with everyone here. Hence getting your Daily Dose of real life design in action!

I already have the first one lined up!
I would like to introduce, Kristi Williams of
We have been close friends for several years and with great adoration I have watched her become what she is today! Currently, she is living and working in Richmond Virginia while her husband earns his degree in Nuclear Medicine. I really enjoyed reading her answers to my questions and I think you will too. Thanks for helping me out with this one Kristi!

Can you tell me what interested you in photography in the first place?
I remember being at a hot air balloon festival and my dad showing me how to use the camera to take photos when I was 12. One of my favorite photos was taking it from the ground with the balloon right over head. It was just beautiful!

What is your background?
I took photography in high school and that led me to pursue it in college. I started out in the Fine Art field but discovered Photojournalism and switched my degree.

How has your degree formed your style of photography?
I definitely shoot as I was taught as a photojournalist. For example, if you can avoid shooting from the "position of convenience" which is just standing there taking the shot, then avoid it. Get on the ground, move around. Another thing I learned then and use now, is to always strive for the best photo. So if you take a great photo, don't stop there, try to make an even better one.

What inspired you to work for yourself?
I have no problem working with people and didn't feel I needed someone else to learn that from so I just starting taking portraits and wedding photos beginning with friends and family.

What was it like starting out?
It was fun! I loved taking a photo and then figuring out how to make it better. That's what I continue to do.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself with a prospering business. The best part of being established as a photographer is that you get to see people live their lives. I might take their wedding photos, their pregnancy, first child, and so on. I love it.

Why did you choose wedding photography as your specialty?
I shot a friend's wedding as a second photographer and fell in love! I find that weddings just fit. It's like finding that your dream job isn't just a dream.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about working with brides?
My favorite thing about working with brides is that I get to hear their plans for their once in a lifetime wedding and then see that come true.

My least favorite thing is when a bride rushes me. I never take long on photos anyway, but what's the point in rushing? Your guests really don't mind. It comes with the territory when you attend a wedding. Would your guests really not want you to get all your photos done from your one wedding day? Nope, they love you and they'll wait.

Tell me about a moment when you knew you got an "Ah Ha" shot. (or whatever you call them. What do you call them?)
"Ah, ha!" is about right. I actually say, "click" in my head when I get it. It's just something I've always done. It's like, Oh, that's perfect and it all just "clicks" into place.

Any advice for aspiring photographers?
Spend your free time looking at other photographer's work. It will give you inspiration. And then it's always fun trying to figure out how something is done and getting that awesome photo.


Desire to Inspire

Some day I hope to have a fancy blog like this one, but until then, I'll just refer you to them.

This is a blog called Desire to Inspire. I could say lots of things about it, but it's late and I'll just let you see for yourself!


Little hands. Lots of art work. Little space.

I have yet to have this problem, but I have seen it occur in many homes and even read about it on a friend's blog. It seems there is an increasing issue with the over abundance of art work and lack of wall space. We are not talking about just any artwork, but the creative and imaginative and sometimes hilarious things our busy children create. In some cases it isn't a matter of enough walls to hang everything on, as in the case of my blogger friend.

No, her children love to adorn their walls with fancy little drawings hung up tactfully with pieces of scotch tape just about anywhere. In her case it is a matter of creatively consolidating it and giving the children a fun spot to show case their imagination!

So, I did a bit of snooping and found some great ways to display children's art work. Some could be both fun for the parents and children.

One of the simplest and fastest ways to save kid's art work is in a 3-ring binder. Maybe most of you already do this. I can definitely  see myself doing something like this and leaving it on the coffee table for guest to view. If the art work is too small it could be matted on black paper and put into the binder. It's a great archival system/ brag book.

Or after matting the art work to the black paper, it could be hung on a designated wall in the house. A hallway is always a great spot. By mounting them to black paper it gives the art display a cohesive look and helps show off the artistic productions of our small loved ones better than just the wall itself.

I really like both of these ideas because when it comes to actually hanging the art work up, your children could do it themselves. The first example uses a magnetic system with clips while the one following is a curtain wire system. Something like this can be found at Ikea for cheap!

One last idea. Take photos of the art work and collect in a photo album.

There may never be an absoulte solution for this problem, (though it isn't the worst problem to have, right Chris?) but maybe this will help for the time being!


Why start a blog if you aren't going to keep up right? It's hard to say.
A lot happens, or your fall out of inspiration, or it feels useless. Either way it's no excuse!

Since this blog began, I did find a part time job.
Let me explain. I was "working", and by that I mean in my mind I was putting things together to find work, but somehow never actually worked. Okay, that isn't entirely true either.

Last spring I did a bit of work for a builder in Topeka. I generated floor plans, rendered them and even created presentation boards for him to use as marketing pieces during the parade of homes.

In that experience I realized what I wanted to do. Here I was stressing out that I was supposed to be a certain something. I mean come on; I do have a degree in Interior Design. So, obviously I have to be an Interior Designer. Pick, and pull and make everything look like it belongs in a magazine. Create these lovely places that everyone falls in love with and wants to have. Dress cool and stylish always. And above all be passionate about it (i.e. eat, breath, and dream interior design)!

Well, I hate to break it to myself, but I don't know how much of that is me. So why, oh why did I pay so much money for this not-so-handy-dandy degree I have? Okay, it is not so much that I don't want to do all of that, but it's the lack of confidence in doing it. It never dawned on me that maybe the confidence would come with experience.

Experience, Experience, Experience!

Since this wonderful revelation I have decided to focus on what I have the most confidence in. Drawings. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I went to school, paid a lot of money, and learned how to color and to draw. My hope is that if I concentrate on using the skills I am comfortable with to generate a pay check, then maybe, just maybe in time I will be a pro! Maybe in ten years I will look back on this and think these little insecurities are nothing to some of the other things life has thrown at me.

So, about that part time job. I work at an adorable home furnishing and decor shop in my quaint downtown. I am beyond over qualified and under paid, but I am enjoying it none the less. It's what I like to call a creative outlet/ some good ol' fashion EXPERIENCE! I rework displays, make floral arrangements, discuss furniture with potential buyers, and other basic customer service tasks. I am surrounded by creative people who also love design and love what they do.

This job is merely what I said it was. part time and good experience. It's a filler until I catch the big fish, which I am working on diligently now. Hopefully more will come of that as the tale unfolds. Until then, I want to thank everyone who has supported me and who reads this blog!

Thanks and here is a sample of some of the work I did last spring~


The Perfect Palette

I am really on a color kick these days. Borderline obsession I think. Way too many color combinations and just not enough wall space. Well, no wall space currently. Uh, I mean we have walls, but we can't paint them. No, instead we live in a sea of the ever-so-pleasant Navajo White. By the by, not only are the walls graced with this color, but so are the ceilings!

Don't worry, I am ever searching for sneaky ways to incorporate color. Long story, but to make it short I ran across this blog about color. (wow, that was short. Ha!)
Okay, so the blog is meant to help brides-to-be, but that doesn't mean we can't use some of these trendy, fun colors to decorate our lives in other ways. It's a good source of inspiration. A starting point if you will.

Take a look and if you get inspired, tell us how!


Wall Drawings

I thought this was a clever idea. Interactive wallpaper.

I don't know if encouraging your kids to color on the walls is a good idea, however I do think any opprotunity we can give kids the chance to use their creative juices, I am all for it.

Graham & Brown leads the way with their black and white frame patterned wallpaper. The applications for this stuff seems endless. Aything from a childs room to a new way to showcase family photos! I also think it could be a cool guest book. Maybe lend a wall to this paper in an entry way and let guest sign just before they leave.

5.5 Designs throws a twist in their version of interactive wallpaper. This style actually stimulates the mind. How about a wall of word search in the bathroom, or tic tac toe in the game room.

Jon Burgman also has a collection of wallpaper that is like a life size coloring book. The walls would be a constant change of scenery. It would be a great way to customize the wallpaper acording to the color palette in the room.



Welcome everyone to design nourishment.
I hope this blog can be an outlet for all things design and a place where the vocabulary provokes inspiration. Join me in finding new trends, old furnishings, cool colors and stellar design!

Just last week I finished reading my House Beautiful September issue. (cover to cover of course)

It is loaded with color, color, and more color. The pages ooze with unique color palettes and even a section about color personality. That's right, it is suggested that there is a relationship between the alphabet, numbers and color. Curious? Check it out right here to find your color personality.

I used my maiden name and landed on GOLD: radiates love, joy, compassion, and understanding.
So, whats your color?

Don't forget to bookmark this blog. I will be posting often!