I have news and I am anxious to tell it, but I NEED confirmation! One more week people, one more week!


A Love Story

As many of you  have noticed to the right of my blog I have a list of "gotta have it". ( When I say many, I mean the few lovely souls who check this blog every once in a while) In that list there is a book. This is not just any book, but a book about a process. It's a sort of self help book. This book oozes with vibrant photographs, helpful story boards, and a break down of one designers mind. It is called Kelly Hoppen Home.

It is a bit of a love story I suppose. Once a few years ago I worked for an eccentric furniture designer. Crazy and unethical would have been more accurate, but impolite. However, he did have a glorious library of design books that looked almost brand new and never opened. Since my job presented me with more than enough opportunity to do nothing, the man I worked for highly suggested I read this book. As you may have guessed, it was the Kelly Hoppen Home book. Being he is British and so is Kelly Hoppen, I could see how he had a bit of a crush on her designs. At first I scanned the book glancing over all of the photos. Half way through, I realized I was asking many questions about what was going on in the photographs. "Why did She do that?" or "What was she thinking?" or "How did she come up with that?" I've got some time on my hands, why am I rushing this? I was smitten.

I started over. I started with the cover. Then onto the forward and deep into each page. I was so into this, I bought a little note book and began taking notes. I read and re-read pages hoping I didn't miss some little gem buried between the lines. Sadly, this affair didn't last long, and neither did the job. Before I could finish the book I left that job. Understandably so after lying to clients, and after performing many, many other unruly tasks that would make any ethical person uncomfortable, I left. Truly that is another story I should really share with you on another day.

I never forgot the times I spent with that book, and not to mention all the information I had yet to unlock in the remaining pages. It has been on my wish list for quite some time. It must have been meant to be because my Secret Santa surprised me with the unexpected. My book. My Kelly Hoppen Home book!

Now if I may, as I read, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts. I do plan on starting over, but maybe I will not journey alone. It's always better when there is someone else to share the excitement with! I have already started, but I have taken more of your time than I could ask for. So, I will share my most recent revelation soon. Stay tuned!