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So, I have been thinking about this for awhile and have finally decided to go for it, though I am not exactly sure what to call it (forgive me if the name changes a few times). I am thinking about calling it "A Daily Dose".

Basically, I want to share with you the many talents of different people that I know. Photographers, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Chefs, Fashion Designers, all professionals and working in the field! I thought this blog could be a good opportunity to shine a little light on real people, doing what they love, and how they are doing it. Each month I plan on interviewing a talented professional, and sharing it with everyone here. Hence getting your Daily Dose of real life design in action!

I already have the first one lined up!
I would like to introduce, Kristi Williams of
We have been close friends for several years and with great adoration I have watched her become what she is today! Currently, she is living and working in Richmond Virginia while her husband earns his degree in Nuclear Medicine. I really enjoyed reading her answers to my questions and I think you will too. Thanks for helping me out with this one Kristi!

Can you tell me what interested you in photography in the first place?
I remember being at a hot air balloon festival and my dad showing me how to use the camera to take photos when I was 12. One of my favorite photos was taking it from the ground with the balloon right over head. It was just beautiful!

What is your background?
I took photography in high school and that led me to pursue it in college. I started out in the Fine Art field but discovered Photojournalism and switched my degree.

How has your degree formed your style of photography?
I definitely shoot as I was taught as a photojournalist. For example, if you can avoid shooting from the "position of convenience" which is just standing there taking the shot, then avoid it. Get on the ground, move around. Another thing I learned then and use now, is to always strive for the best photo. So if you take a great photo, don't stop there, try to make an even better one.

What inspired you to work for yourself?
I have no problem working with people and didn't feel I needed someone else to learn that from so I just starting taking portraits and wedding photos beginning with friends and family.

What was it like starting out?
It was fun! I loved taking a photo and then figuring out how to make it better. That's what I continue to do.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself with a prospering business. The best part of being established as a photographer is that you get to see people live their lives. I might take their wedding photos, their pregnancy, first child, and so on. I love it.

Why did you choose wedding photography as your specialty?
I shot a friend's wedding as a second photographer and fell in love! I find that weddings just fit. It's like finding that your dream job isn't just a dream.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about working with brides?
My favorite thing about working with brides is that I get to hear their plans for their once in a lifetime wedding and then see that come true.

My least favorite thing is when a bride rushes me. I never take long on photos anyway, but what's the point in rushing? Your guests really don't mind. It comes with the territory when you attend a wedding. Would your guests really not want you to get all your photos done from your one wedding day? Nope, they love you and they'll wait.

Tell me about a moment when you knew you got an "Ah Ha" shot. (or whatever you call them. What do you call them?)
"Ah, ha!" is about right. I actually say, "click" in my head when I get it. It's just something I've always done. It's like, Oh, that's perfect and it all just "clicks" into place.

Any advice for aspiring photographers?
Spend your free time looking at other photographer's work. It will give you inspiration. And then it's always fun trying to figure out how something is done and getting that awesome photo.

Now for some off-the-wall fun questions...

Can you name some photography blogs you love to read?
Kabloom Studios

Photography style in three words or less
Portrait Journalist. It means that I combine traditional portraits and a more candid, journalistic style.

Favorite Photography accessory
My shootsac. (http://shootsac.com/) You'll see me wearing it anytime I do photos. Can't live without it.

Tell me about a unique experience you have had while photographing a wedding?
So, I go to weddings all the time, but I don't usually get emotional at them even though they are an emotional day. But at this wedding I went to not long ago, I was a big crybaby! The story was that the brother of the groom was serving in Iraq and would have been the best man if he had been there. Another brother read a toast from him to the happy couple and I was a goner. I'm sure no one noticed, but it wasn't easy trying to take photos with teary eyes!

Describe your typical day at work.
A typical wedding starts by getting my gear together, making sure I know everywhere I need to be and when. Then I meet the bride wherever she is getting ready, then ceremony, main portraits, reception and party. It's typical for my day to be around 10 hours from start to finish. But I love it.

What do you love the most about your job?
You. I love people. Everyone is unique and I love to see what makes you, well, you.

I hope you enjoyed this session with Kristi. If you have any more questions for her, you can find her contact information below. Also, don't forget to check her out on Face Book!

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Mama Cas said...

I totally agree! Checking out other photographer's work is absolutely the best way to get some inspiration. I've learned so much just by looking at (and drooling over!) someone else's work. My latest favorite tricks? Shutting off the flash and remembering that the photo can be much more interesting if the subject isn't in the dead center of the shot.

Fantastic photos! I love the little girls. Soo cute!

Mama Cas said...


I wanted to share this link with you. If you decide to check out her work, set aside some time and have a box of tissues handy. Some of the pics in her archives are so amazing they'll make you cry. (Especially the infant ones.)

Jess said...

Chris, I knew you'd appreciate the photos of the little ones! I will totally check out that link! Thanks.