The Perfect Palette

I am really on a color kick these days. Borderline obsession I think. Way too many color combinations and just not enough wall space. Well, no wall space currently. Uh, I mean we have walls, but we can't paint them. No, instead we live in a sea of the ever-so-pleasant Navajo White. By the by, not only are the walls graced with this color, but so are the ceilings!

Don't worry, I am ever searching for sneaky ways to incorporate color. Long story, but to make it short I ran across this blog about color. (wow, that was short. Ha!)
Okay, so the blog is meant to help brides-to-be, but that doesn't mean we can't use some of these trendy, fun colors to decorate our lives in other ways. It's a good source of inspiration. A starting point if you will.

Take a look and if you get inspired, tell us how!


Wall Drawings

I thought this was a clever idea. Interactive wallpaper.

I don't know if encouraging your kids to color on the walls is a good idea, however I do think any opprotunity we can give kids the chance to use their creative juices, I am all for it.

Graham & Brown leads the way with their black and white frame patterned wallpaper. The applications for this stuff seems endless. Aything from a childs room to a new way to showcase family photos! I also think it could be a cool guest book. Maybe lend a wall to this paper in an entry way and let guest sign just before they leave.

5.5 Designs throws a twist in their version of interactive wallpaper. This style actually stimulates the mind. How about a wall of word search in the bathroom, or tic tac toe in the game room.

Jon Burgman also has a collection of wallpaper that is like a life size coloring book. The walls would be a constant change of scenery. It would be a great way to customize the wallpaper acording to the color palette in the room.