Why start a blog if you aren't going to keep up right? It's hard to say.
A lot happens, or your fall out of inspiration, or it feels useless. Either way it's no excuse!

Since this blog began, I did find a part time job.
Let me explain. I was "working", and by that I mean in my mind I was putting things together to find work, but somehow never actually worked. Okay, that isn't entirely true either.

Last spring I did a bit of work for a builder in Topeka. I generated floor plans, rendered them and even created presentation boards for him to use as marketing pieces during the parade of homes.

In that experience I realized what I wanted to do. Here I was stressing out that I was supposed to be a certain something. I mean come on; I do have a degree in Interior Design. So, obviously I have to be an Interior Designer. Pick, and pull and make everything look like it belongs in a magazine. Create these lovely places that everyone falls in love with and wants to have. Dress cool and stylish always. And above all be passionate about it (i.e. eat, breath, and dream interior design)!

Well, I hate to break it to myself, but I don't know how much of that is me. So why, oh why did I pay so much money for this not-so-handy-dandy degree I have? Okay, it is not so much that I don't want to do all of that, but it's the lack of confidence in doing it. It never dawned on me that maybe the confidence would come with experience.

Experience, Experience, Experience!

Since this wonderful revelation I have decided to focus on what I have the most confidence in. Drawings. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I went to school, paid a lot of money, and learned how to color and to draw. My hope is that if I concentrate on using the skills I am comfortable with to generate a pay check, then maybe, just maybe in time I will be a pro! Maybe in ten years I will look back on this and think these little insecurities are nothing to some of the other things life has thrown at me.

So, about that part time job. I work at an adorable home furnishing and decor shop in my quaint downtown. I am beyond over qualified and under paid, but I am enjoying it none the less. It's what I like to call a creative outlet/ some good ol' fashion EXPERIENCE! I rework displays, make floral arrangements, discuss furniture with potential buyers, and other basic customer service tasks. I am surrounded by creative people who also love design and love what they do.

This job is merely what I said it was. part time and good experience. It's a filler until I catch the big fish, which I am working on diligently now. Hopefully more will come of that as the tale unfolds. Until then, I want to thank everyone who has supported me and who reads this blog!

Thanks and here is a sample of some of the work I did last spring~