Lite it up

So last week I was sprucing my home up just before a group of wonderful ladies gathered at my house for our monthly bunco game. {And when I say just before, I mean two days before. Yes, it took me two whole days to get this place into shape, and no my house does not look like it belongs in a magazine all the time or even most of the time. Although my husband would probably love me just a little bit more if it was.} I would be the first to admit that my fireplace could use a little love. It's sad really. I mean, it makes me sad looking at it. So grand and so very much part of the room and yet I have continued to neglect it. Orginally I had two hurricane glasses with stands sitting on the hearth of the fireplace. Totally an after thought and it showed. To make matters worse, the stand that holds the wood while the fire is burning was just sitting there... bare. Nothing to show for itself. I had had just about enough of this when suddenly it came to me.

Why not put the hurricane IN the fireplace with candles?

Then while upstairs digging through my craft closet {another space in despereate need for attention} I spied tons more glass candle holders. Well duh! I should use all of them!

Now I know this isn't exactly a new idea, but it's one that I haven't used before and thought I'd share. Maybe you have done it before, maybe not, but I think it's a fantastic way to use your fireplace in the summer.

 I used all glass candle holders I have collected from various places. Ikea, Kohls, Dollar Store, my Grandma's house, and other random places.

 All lit up it creates a very cozy feeling in the room.


Laura said...

I love the feel of it when all the candles are lit. Wow, what a great idea!

FYI - Not for one second have I ever thought your house looked like some areas needed attention. You could decorate me in circles. I absolutely LOVE your style. Just sayin. :)

Linsy B said...

very pretty and elegant!

Gabrielle said...

It's beautiful! I wish I had a fireplace so I could do this!

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