I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!

Funny story really. My husband has been talking about getting an ice cream maker since the beginning of summer. {and in Texas, summer started way back in March} Finally one day he dings me on google chat {we talk a lot throughout the day on that thing. It's pretty handy} to tell me about an ice cream maker he found on Amazon that was on sale.

$2600 ~he dings.
Uhmmmmm, what? Sale? I am thinking yeah right, he must be joking.
~Haha sure, I ding back. Great deal you should get it.

A few days later he tells me the ice cream maker should be delivered by the end of the week.
 My. Mouth. Dropped.
"WHAT? You bought it"?
"Well, yeah", he says, "You said it was a good deal".
"Not for TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED dollars it isn't".

Come to find out it was only Two HUNDRED and sixty dollars. He added a zero too many.
I still am not convinced I would have agreed even at that price, but it's a little late now.

So, thanks to intsant MIScommunication and one zero too many, we now have this really cool ice cream maker. As per any new appliance/gizmo/thing that makes yummy stuff, we were super excited to start using it. We made, vanilla {twice}, chocolate and coffee ice cream all in one week. It was a little out of hand and we were in desperate need to get rid of some or most of it. {All this ice cream isn't exactly helping me lose the 5 lbs I want gone by the beginning of Sept when we take family photos *sigh*}

I suggested a neighborly ice cream social!

AND what is a party with out the right decorations. Right? Very much inspired, {feels SO good to be inspired again} I came up with some fun ideas. I made an ice cream banner and colorful cups to serve the heavenly iced cream in.

I know. I know. That was a really long story for just a bunch of decorations right? Well, hopefully it was worth the read and maybe you'll be inspired too!

I have learned {oh-so-quickly}, time isn't something that comes in large doses when you are a new mom.
So I gotta use my time while I have it!
A sleeping baby allows for the perfect opportunity :)

p.s. I LOVE love love my video monitor!

Colorful Tissue Paper
Colored Card Stock/ Construction Paper
String or Ribbon
Tape- Double Sided and Regular
Small Plastic Cups
Cutting Board
Straight Edge


First things first.... Uh, make sure you spell everything correctly!

Using Microsoft Word I found a font and size that I liked and printed it out.
 A bold thick font works best. I printed one letter per a page.

I dug through ALL my paper to find a color scheme.
 Some cocktail napkins made for a good starting point. 

I measured my letters to the paper and cut the card stock accordingly.

In this process I found it was super helpful to map things out. Not to mention it can spare a few agonizing mistakes. {Not that I made any.... no, not me. hehe}

Next, I taped the letters face down to the colored construction paper and cut along the letter.

So cute!!! This is the hard part! Having the patients to finish. You know what I mean...
Anyway, after cutting all the letters out I verrrry scientifically {HA!} taped the letters to the center of the card stock.
I tied some different colored wrapping spring together to create two different "ropes". One for ICE and one for CREAM. I measured where I wanted to hang the banner and tied knots to mark the ends of each rope leaving some extra on each side to curl and hang.

To make sure the letters were centered on each rope, I found the center of each rope and worked my way out tapping each letter {double checking the spelling of course}.

I am the QUEEN-OF-KEEPING! Don't ask why, but I kept all usable scraps, and tossed the rest.


I saw a tutorial on another blog {that I can't seem to find again} for something like these cups. The other blog says to use coffee filters, but I didn't have any, and I wanted something colorful, so I made my own.

I cut large pieces of different colored tissue paper down to size.
Then, I folded each square into cone like shapes. I trimmed the edges, giving it a round coffee filter like edge.

Using about 3 pieces of double sided tape for each cup, I pressed the "coffee filter" onto the cup.

Folding the paper as I needed to so it would take the shape of the cup.


I finished them off with contrasting wrapping string.

With a few other details to finish it up, the Ice Cream Social was ready to go!


Linsy B said...

SUPER CUTE!!!!! love love love it!!! your blog looks like one of those craft blogs now...haha.

Laura said...

I'm afraid I won't ever be as crafty as you, but that's why I'm really glad I have you as an example to keep me aspiring for decor greatness. Seriously, I do think you're so talented at what you do and you made an awesome ice cream social even more fun. Love it!! (And it sounds yummy too!)

LeAnn R said...

This DID turn out super cute! Look at you go!! I bet everyone loved it :)

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