Baby Time!

I would like to make an apology. I am not sure if there are even very many of you out there that reads my design blog, but for those of you who did I am sure you gave up hope. I am here to restore it.

I was on the verge of being on top of things, and then I got pregnant. It was planned, but the way this pregnancy has been going has been completely unpredictable. Since the middle of May, I have been pretty busy making a baby and the baby has been pretty busy making me sick. But, lately there have been signs of change. Good change! No more sickness.

I hope I can get back to life as I knew it... kind of. In celebration of my return and in celebration of making a baby, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the nursery. I know as of lately it has become popular to wait to find out what the baby is. We considered this, but with this being our first child, we figured there were tons of surprises in store for us. By knowing the gender I feel like I have some sort of sanity. =)

So, our baby is going to be a BOY!

Immediately I high tailed it to all the online places in search of bedding, color ideas and other fun nursery stuff. Now, when it comes to design, I haven't dealt a lot with the nursery. So, I have pretty much an open mind and an clean palette to start.

Let me show you where I got my inspiration.

Some friends of mine in Kansas gave me a little surprise baby shower before we moved away. This was the diaper cake they made for me. I instantly fell in love with the idea of using Black and White Polka Dots. I figured it could go either way. If we were to have a girl, I'd tie in Sunflowers and Bumble Bees. Since we are having a boy, I am heading in the direction of trucks, boats, and planes. I know that sounds like a lot, but go with me on this. I found when looking online the trend seems to be BROWN. Pink and brown for a girl, blue and brown for a boy, and yellow, orange and brown for gender neutral. I know that brown has been popping up every where and though I love it, it's not for my baby. I think I want to go in a brighter direction. I love the idea of black and white because if offers the opportunity to add any pop of color. Sticking with my inspiration I decided to use accents of red, yellow, and grey!

A good way to make sure I stay on track with my theme is to create a mood board. I pulled together some fabric samples and paint colors to make sure that what I was seeing in my mind, actually worked in reality.
This is my mood board so far...

I will use the black and white theme as the main focus in the room. So the big ticket items will be black and white, like the bedding, the furniture, and the window treatments. The smaller details in the room will keep true to the red, yellow, and grey accents. For instance, art work, pillows, and/or lamp shades. 

I am excited to get this party started! I hope to post more as the nursery comes together!


Roger and Sherry said...

This Mimi LOVES the nursery colors! I know it will be beautiful with your decorative ideas and inspirations!

Mama Cas said...

Bold, exciting, fun, AND unisex! It's perfect!

Kristi Williams said...

aren't you having a boy? The red polka dot reminds me of minnie mouse, so kinda girlie. hmmmm...i like it it's just a little feminine. but cute!

Corey, Julie, Trevin & Logan said...

Maybe if you went with deeper tones of the yellow and red it would be less girlie. But then again, bright primary colors are very boy - you just usually see blue with them. :-) What do I know? I'm not a designer! Ha! I love the polka dots, though!!!


Sara, Justin, Simon and Max said...

That is an awesome combination!! :)

Michele said...

I am all about your choices! They will be perfect for your little boy. I think the red is great when tied in with boats, trucks and planes. I love the polka dot theme.