A place to call home

OK! I can't take it anymore. Nothing is for certain, so things could change, but I am bursting with excitement so I am going to spill anyway.

We are buying a house.

This is something that has been in the making (so you could say) for a few years. We have had our eye on the Austin area for a while. While we were in Texas for Chirstmas, we made a short trip to Austin to check out a few spots. By a few I mean 9 houses in one day. We came to the overall conclusion that most people should NOT be allowed to design/ build their own home. I am talking... no bath tubs in the entire house, or no windows in any of the bathrooms, or no dining rooms at all, or how about rain water collection as the only source of water... in TEXAS! Clearly these houses were 100% custom with no thought of resale!

Needless to say, we were losing hope. Just when we thought we couldn't take anymore, we stumbled across what is quite possibly the most perfect house for both my husband and I. Ladies and gents that is a feat for which I thought was impossible. A house we both simultaneously fell in love with? No way! But alas, it's true. 

I call it "The Beige House" You see every wall, counter top, floor, and cabinet is some shade of beige. I am not kidding you. Ok, so there are a few exceptions but still, it is a sea of beige. At first, this bothered me. The first time we caught glimpse of this house it was in pictures on a website. It came across as a typical track house. BORING! At least in my mind that is what I thought was boring. I was wrong. I almost passed it up because all I could see was bland beige.

There is so much character and unique little details about this house that I hardly noticed the beige. Now, this issue of beige is a whole other post. So I will leave you with a few pictures. Let me know what you think...

The view when you enter the house

The kitchen

The front doors. (I love them)

The master bath

There will be more to come, I just wanted to get it out there before I go crazy!


Mama Cas said...

Congratulations!! And remember...beige is fantastic! The house looks turn-key ready, so you'll move in and at some point, you'll get inspired to paint your living room walls brick red (okay, maybe that only happened to ME).

My point is that the beige is a great starting point. Would you rather have dark green flowered wallpaper in the master bedroom? (Again, maybe that only happened to me.)

That kitchen is making me drool. The house looks gorgeous and I hope the closing goes smoothly for you both!

PS...I still think you should have moved to Long Island. Ha ha!

Kristi Williams said...

this house is ridiculously sweet! love it!

Jess Myers said...

Chris, I couldn't agree more. It is a good starting point and it isn't dark green flowered wall paper either. (ewwww)

P.S. we might not be moving there, but there is talk of making a trip to Long Island to see this crazy family we know.

Lydia, Brandon, and Poppy said...

the house is beautiful! it looks like such a great place to come home to :)and i know you guys are going to LOVE cooking in that kitchen!

Linsy B said...

ya, leah and i oggled over the kitchen for a good 10 minutes.